Who am I? Well - surprise, surprise - I like to think I'm a writer, and sometimes even an author.

My background is complex - I won a few prizes for creative writing when I was young, but then decided (with the wisdom of youth) that there wouldn't be much in the way of future employment opportunity in the English Language/Literature fields, so I went on to study Astrophysics. That was a major lesson in life. Just because you're pretty good at maths and physics, and you have an interest in astronomy, doesn't mean those aspects should be combined.
(Only much later did I discover Alastair Reynolds' solution for combining prosaic science with real prose).

Do you have any idea how boring it is, spending months gathering sufficient data until you are able to calculate the temperature of a star 222.8 light years from Earth? Who really cares? So boring indeed, that I decided to do something much more interesting - that is, ensure that aircraft closing at 1000mph don't actually close.

Now this was fun; air traffic control.

Lots of stories (some comical, others leaning towards the horror genre) from a career 'pushing tin' for fifteen years or so.

Throughout all of those years, I kept writing. I've lost track of the number of short stories and novels I've started/sort of completed. Writing has remained my great passion - besides my family - perhaps because it's so damn hard to get it right.

I took a few creative writing courses, and I've read many texts on the writing craft in the meantime - my favourites being a book by Walter Mosley and Stephen King's legendary guide. At a certain point, I decided my biggest weakness was exposition: 'purple prose'.

I needed to make my writing tighter, and rather than taking on a creative writing MA (so 'done' already), I signed up and completed an English & Welsh Law degree. I ended up after several years with a creditable 2:1 LLB (Hons). Hard work, but I'm certain it helped - believe it or not (depending upon your personal experience) lawyers are required to write comprehensibly, accurately and succinctly!

I try to write in a variety of speculative fiction genres; if for no other reason than the challenge of taking myself beyond my preference for sci-fi. When I am writing within a science fiction category, even then I prefer the contemporary and subtle, such as cli-fi or magical realism, rather than grappling with the clichés of space opera.

Predominantly, whatever genre I'm writing, my themes are similar: death; mortality; are we alone? If you want to have a go at psychoanalysing, perhaps start by reading 47.

I hope you enjoy the site... please check out the blogs too!