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Publications and COmpetition placements

I don't suppose I'm too controversial if I state that the development from writer to author depends upon becoming published. For a speculative fiction writer that means short stories published in traditional magazines, online (e-zines etc.), competition success, or the acid test - a published novel or two.

 This is how I stand so far: 

The Apothecary's Tale was published in the BFS Journal #13

The Apothecary's Tale is an allegorical agitprop charting the birth, life and death of the United States of America. The story was inspired by a total of six months touring that country, in an RV, between 2009 and 2013.

This short story was published end 2014/beginning 2015, by the British Fantasy Society in BFS Journal #13.

You can read it here: The Apothecary's Tale

The Maize is an experimental short story - it was longlisted in the Brilliant Flash Fiction sci-fi contest in 2016

The Maize is an experimental piece. It's certainly odd, but I'm still drawn back to the idea. It was long-listed in the Brilliant Flash Fiction sci-fi contest in March 2016.

You can read it here: The Maize


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The Gospel of the Machair won through to the second round of the New York Midnight short story challenge in March 2016. 

Synopsis: A young woman arrives on a Scottish island seeking refuge from ecological disaster and the loss of her parents. She is orphaned and afraid, but learns that her prescient father has found a way to pass on a message that helps her to face a bleak future.