Campsite Life

You know, it's not all fun and games here. There's serious stuff to be done on a campsite too: like blogging; doing the laundry; planning our next route; sleeping; drinking copious cups of tea. It's hard. It tough.

Right. Time for a swim - getting a little warm. In the meantime, here's a few distractions. First up, I told you it was washing day - well, here's what you do if you don't have a basket (it puts the lotion in the basket... [ed: stop it. Idiot]), yet you need to get all the washing in off the line.

Below that is a quick quiz... 

How much do you think we spent so far - IN TOTAL - for 10 nights camping - including internet, water and electric (where available)? *
Give it your best shot
Who says? *
Who says?
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Under the umbrella

Under the umbrella

Night 1: Oensel Fruit...something...minicamping - 21 euros (inc. internet)

Night 2: De Roos 'notso-Coolcamping' - FREE

Night 3: De Roos 'Coolcamping' - 22 euros

Night 4: Reken stellplatz - 8 euros (no electric, but inc. water)

Night 5: Remagen 'Goldene Miele' - 22 euros (all in inc. internet)

Night 6: Mendig-Bell Beam-me-up-stellplatz - 1 euro (for electric and water)

Night 7: Mosel Islands - 23 euros (inc. internet)

Night 8: Pont Amusant Marina - 10 euros (inc. internet)

Night 9: Two Balls, The Vosges - 29 euros (inc. washing and internet!)

Night 10: Two Balls, The Vosges - 24 euros (inc. internet)


So far a grand total of: 160 euros

Surprised?? Let us know.