Costa costa


Thanks to everyone who voted. It certainly makes my life a little more interesting. And the answers have been about as reasonable and well thought-over as the Referendum to leave the EU. The results are as follows:

On the GOLDILOCKS question, all of you agreed that I'm an idiot - no particular surprises there - and that the trailer was a reasonable compromise. With the experience of the last two weeks, I can say that it's been well worthwhile. The main drawback has been forever loading and unloading equipment and supplies, but on the other hand we've been able to bring most of what we might need.


With respect to the plea for ROUTE advice, the almost unanimous vote was 'Head for the Med'. More on that in a bit. Thanks to JM who voted that we go home... but we're not quite ready yet!

Nobody voted on the last question on the COST of campsites so far; either the question was too boring, or you don't care, or both. Fair enough. However, it's encouraging to note that the numbers mean that our camper solution will pay for itself, referencing the price of hotels, in just 200 days ;) !


In a nutshell, we took your advice, and headed down, toute de suite, to the Med coast. We crossed over into Spain the day before yesterday, and made our way to an old haunt - El Molinos Camping. Nostalgic and sweet, but like all nostalgic and sweet things - a little rotten and stinky after 35 years. 

Consequently we continued south along the coast, to where we are now - Miramar Camping. Cue Kenny Loggins etc. Although it's a good deal quieter than that - except for the screaming kids next door. Damn, I'm old.

At Miami Platja

At Miami Platja

Sarah's not feeling well, so we're gonna stay a day or two. Not a bad spot - we are about... hang on..... okay, I'm back... about 7 steps from the beach. We can lie in our bed and watch the waves!

sand steps