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Spock, the Vulcan, in a fire suit

Up early (9 am ;) ) to head over to the Vulcan Museum. We bought tickets for the museum and the 'cellar'; a basalt cathedral paying testament to the millstone industry that thrived here for 150 years. Unfortunately, Sarah bottled out of the 30 m descent to the caves, so we had to make do with the museum only. But as ever in these places, we had a good laugh; including selfies with a volcanologist in a fire-proof suit. Sadly, not one tiny shred of Spock or Star Trek.

Instead, a cheesy but informative (even if in German language only) audio-visual display explained the geological history of the area. One thing's for sure; if that thing goes off again, it's gonna be a mess.

Having 'elected not to participate' [ed: bottled] in the guided tour of the 'keller' that afternoon, we decided to go for a walk around the Laacher See (a caldera lake). A beautiful day, and the cool forest was a welcome relief from the heat - as was the restaurant at the end of our hike.

Not quite finished with the efforts to boldly go... [ed: probably enough Vulcan proverbs] we then took off for a drive around the region, following the 'Vulkaan Route' - Challenge your preconceptions, or they will challenge you! [ed: I'm serious]. Predictably, we got lost, completed a circle by accident (taking in some single track, 15% hills in the process - much to Sarah's disgust), and eventually set course back along the banks of the Moselle.

We ended up at a campsite (Mosel Islands) which was not much more than a grass field, but at least they had internet. Our priorities for a campsite run something like this:

  1. Absence of gnomes or flamingos
  2. Internet
  3. Water
  4. Electric
  5. Showers

By the way, if you're interested in how setting up our campsite goes, Sarah made a short introductory video, which we feel sure will greatly contribute to the future of camping for evermore.

We left again the next morning, still following the Moselle into Trier, then Luxembourg and on into France. We found a little place at a marina in Pont a Mousson. A bit of a car park, but a short walk into town - which in itself was an education. To say the town had probably seen its best days is not being unkind. Not terribly Pont 'amusant' at all [ed: was that an attempt at a French pun? Seriously?]. We did get lucky on our wander around that night, however, and came across a recital ongoing behind the locked doors of the cathedral. Quite eerie as well as beautiful.

Sarah made a nice series of photos too - which probably flatter the town!

So, on again - with still no precise idea where we were heading. But we did decide we would keep following the Moselle. We pointed south, towards the Vosges, and drove across the N and D roads through the French countryside. Slow, but the perfect drive. And utterly quiet and apparently lifeless.

We've arrived at the present site, "Deux Ballons" - which apparently is not a genital euphemism - where we took the opportunity to do some washing (can't make my underwear go any further - although they pretty much walk on their own), and catch up with blog etc.

But where to next?

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