Top 5 Campsite Life-hacks

5 Top Campsite Life-hacks

Here’s a quick list of some handy tricks and tips when you stay on an organised campsite. Note: the more ‘organised’ the campsite, the better these hacks work.



1. When you arrive, NEVER let the receptionist know that you can understand the local language, even if you’re fluent. This completely negates their standard attempts to be rude - just shrug and make out that you have no idea that they just implied that you don’t smell so good, or that your camper is too long/high/orange. In a few moments they’ll just be muttering away under their breath, but you’ll get your registration.


toilet block

2. NEVER accept the first pitch offered, especially if you’re staying for only a night. It’ll be near the toilet block/chemical disposal point and certainly will have the worst internet access on the entire site. Don’t be fooled, either. When they say, with a smile, would you like the pitch a few yards from the beach, with the hot tub and wet bar: just smile sweetly back and shake your head. WIN!


3. On entrance to the campsite, if you notice flags fluttering - or plastic gnomes or flamingos placed strategically around individual pitches. RUN. Like the wind. Once, in the US, Sarah was driving and made the classic error; she saw a campsite and turned into the narrow one-way lane before we’d noticed the flamingos and dismantled ‘autos’. It seemed to take an eternity to ride the speed humps around the whole circuit to the exit. Meanwhile one of the kids in the back was screaming ‘I saw a shotgun!’.



4. Bathrobes and head towels. WARNING. If you happen to notice anyone walking around in a bathrobe and/or a bath towel wrapped around their head, it’s time to leave. In fact, it’s probably already too late. If you, soon after spotting said bathrobe/head towel, then receive an invitation to a Pot Luck event… …well, I can’t help you. Nobody can.


5. Showers. You know how it can be really annoying to carry everything to the shower block? For goodness sake don’t be tempted to adorn a bathrobe or head towel! Instead, wear all your clean clothes, throw your towel nonchalantly over your shoulder and ensure that you have your small plastic pot in one hand. That’s all you need. Forget about taking shampoo, soap, conditioner, and all that shenanigans. Why? Because someone ALWAYS forgets their shampoo, leaving it on the shelf in one of the cubicles. In the unlikely event that you come up dry - that’s where your little pot comes in. Campsites never leave soap etc. in the shower areas, but nip into the toilet and dispense a little of the hand soap by the sinks into your plastic pot, then scurry back to the showers. Hey presto! Soap, shampoo, conditioner and lice lotion all in one. For free. TOP HACK.