Top Gun

I know, I know. It's been a while: internet access has been a little sketchy, so taking advantage now that I've got it! We left you in Miramar....

 Miramar has proven to be a nice little campsite. Really friendly staff, great swimming almost from our back door, and fairly uncrowded. Each morning we get fresh, warm bread from the bar, and a cold bottle of water. Simple things...

We've had high twenties temperature and sunny weather, and one big storm. A little collection of our attempts to capture it (Sarah from under her duvet) are in the gallery below. The screen capture is a map of the lightning strikes, over a few seconds, all around us. One bolt took out the lights of Tarragona, to our north! I know - some of the pictures (err, mine) are terrible; but it's remarkably hard to capture lightning [ed: you don't say?]

Of course, storms don't last too long around here. And after the storm? Again, credit goes to Sarah for the decent photos. Debit goes to me for the poor ones. For fun, can you tell whose is whose? There's a special prize for whomever guesses most correctly (or least incorrectly [ed: what?]). A very special prize!

Get your answers in quick - the competition ends tomorrow (19th Sept), 1200 UTC/GMT (I suppose the UK can go back to calling it GMT now that we don't mind upsetting our European ex-partners?)

Who's going to be Top Gun? You??



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After four days at Miramar, Sarah was feeling better, and we set off for 'the coolest campsite in Europe'. About 150 km inland. Lovely run across country to get there, through the hills and valleys. Sounds good? Hmm. Read on. Meanwhile, somebody pass the Kool-aid.

The Road