Our American Adventures

Welcome to the adventures of a couple of vagabonds. In 2009 we decided that we'd give the USA a turn in the holiday rota, skipping Essex, Malaga or the Alentejo. We decided to get off the beaten track, driving an RV from Seattle to New York.

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California Coast

We know, it's been a while. It truly is amazing how busy you can get when doing very little. Especially with only one computer between us, and often only our trusty Mifi connection. Nevertheless, to catch up: 

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Shady Lane

We drove approx 300 yards down the road from our RV park in Bakersfield to find the Camping World service centre. So that was easy! 

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Lost in the Mountains

Day 1 with the RV started when we left San Leandro, Thursday lunchtime.

The usual first stop was Walmart; coffee grinder, coffee maker, coffee beans, coffee mug, and some other essentials: like food.

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San Fran (Guest blog)

Hi there, friends!

A bit of a surprise today - Robin was such a miserable bastard yesterday that he was 'given some time' to think things over,  and so they asked me to give this blogging stuff a bash instead. 

Q11 Day

Do you know how irritating it is, when someone puts their seat back in the reclined position, and it stays that way for eleven hours?

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The Last Few Days

We've had a few domestic issues (!) to take care of since our return, so apologies for not completing the story properly. Although, as for Bilbo's wanderings in the Lord of the Rings, there's never truly an End.

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Fat, grey and ugly

So, after our interruptions at Midway, and offering countless apologies about the behaviour of the British Army 250 years ago (I think they might struggle to repeat that now), we were