8 days a week

So. 8 days to go. We've made a list. We're checking it twice.
No, wrong season.

Still, nearly everything done:
passports - check
tickets - check
travel docs - check
driving licences - check
family - err. All but one.

So, Laura has decided to stay. I trust everything will be ok ...;

Meanwhile, I've been trying to book seats, and check the flight details. Seems that we are flying on a Northwest ticket, operated by Delta. Which is not too bad. They might be using the newish B767 400ER. ER stands for Extended Range, by the way, not Emergency Room. Which nevertheless makes me wonder. What happens if you fly across the Atlantic without an ER aircraft? Extended Range does seem like an awfully good idea.

What else? We've been reading up about where we might want to go on this 50 day adventure. We (read Sarah) have decided that we are going south from Seattle to California first, taking in the Oregon coast and the northern California area. Looks awesome, sick man (see, I can already speak the lingo).

We've got some friends we'd love to see - Marshall, John and Reid in SF, and Tom R in Sacramento. Beth's best friend Astrid of course, who is somewhere in Orange County.

Otherwise, we are footloose and fancy free (damn, returning to Anglo-speak).

So. What do you wanna know?
We leave sunny Moorveld on the morning of July 14th, to drive to the Eurotunnel. Arrive at Sarah's parents that night, to leave Rosie there ready for service and MOT.

Very early on 16th, our flight leaves Heathrow Terminal 4, and we pick up the RV the next day at 0900 on the 17th. Then it gets really scary...

For those with a vivid imagination, the pictures give an idea of where the 4 of us will be spending our days: