Actually packing

Started the process of packing today. We borrowed some huge bags (literally big enough to fit Lewis - we checked, much to his amusement. At least for the first hour anyway) and are trying to work out who gets what. Perhaps predictably Lewis and I have the least amount of clothes; certainly the least amount of shoes.
I took a photo of Sarah's shoe and clothes collections as she was trying to work out which ones 'went' with which clothes:

Seriously, it was impressive to watch. Like a modern day Moses parting the Red Sea. Just drier.

On the other hand, here is my shoe collection:


After a couple of hours, we got as far as this:

And this is just Sarah's. Beth hasn't even started yet.
In complete contradiction, trying to convince Lewis to bring enough stuff is next to impossible. He's managed to scrape together three pairs of underpants (and the word scrape is not used accidentally. He had to use the chisel to get them off the floor from under his bed). One pair is still attached to a breakfast bowl which he claims is from a school science project from 2003.

The washing machine has been running since dawn. (Well, a Hickson dawn. i.e. about 10am). The drier has been competing with the weather so see which can dry more. It's now raining, but it's only Lewis' clothes left outside, so no harm done. In fact, pack them like that and he'd happily put them on without noticing. To say he's a scruffy urchin is a bit like saying Michael Jackson had a mild skin complaint.

Meanwhile I took Zep over to Theo's. To say he was a happy dog when he arrived is a bit like saying Michael Jackson may be dead.

Just a quick shout for Theo, Marjan, Annaloes and the crew at their ranch. Hello! And thanks! Anyone interested in riding lessons, horse training, or just fans of the old TV series The Good Life should check out the Hendriks Stables... (small commission).

Talking about Felicity Kendall, err.. where was I?

Yes. Preparation. I printed out all the travel documents that we need. Looks more like a Tolkien novel than a folder. (Beth suggests an IKEA assembly instruction manual - but I don't think there's anything missing in my folder). It would be smaller, but for immigration I had to print out Lewis' criminal record. Phew! Actually reads like a Tolkien novel, just with less talking trees.

Now though we're all chilling out and chatting in the kitchen, listening to Muse, Foo Fighters, Eminem (God knows why), Cypress Hill etc etc. Part of the debate this evening has been ' the ultimate wish-list' - some very curious proposals from the girls !! Can't repeat them here, but let's just say that the word envy and another word that rhymes with 'pea' and 'Ness' could neatly describe some of the wishes. Odd.

Anyhoo. Tomorrow we complete bag-packing. We each have 22kg per checked bag, and 18kg for carry-on for the flight. Which means I get 2kg, and the coffee machine's coming.

Slightly anally, I went as far as checking the dimensions that are allowed on Delta,... hang on. Sorry. But now we're listening to Justin Gingercake. Why? Pre-flight stress.. ? Cry me a river? I'd bring him to tears given half a chance. Anyway...

Delta baggage rules:

Carry-on Baggage

All Delta passengers are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item that meet the criteria below.

Size and Weight Restrictions

If your carry-on bag doesn't meet these size and weight restrictions it must be checked, and all checked baggage rules will apply. Your bag must:
  • Weigh less than 40 pounds (18 kg).
  • Not exceed 45 inches (length + width + height).
  • Fit easily in our SizeCheck® unit (approximately 22"x14"x9").
  • Fit in an overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you.

Now. Why? If the SizeCheck unit (what a poncy name for a box) is 22 + 14 + 9 (=45), why oh why would you additionally and completely redundantly say that the linear sum of dimensions must not exceed 45 inches?? (Anyone who says their baggage exceeds 45 inches is clearly lying anyway).

A few more important messages from Tom today, trying to acquaint us with the unfamiliarities of the USA in a worthy effort to reduce the trauma! Although Tom is threatening to stop messaging; please don't !

(By the way Tom, we know what artichokes are. Just loath them ;) )

OK. Gotta finish. The girls want to go and play Halo. Hey ho, it's a hard life.