Arrival Seattle

Hello all

Made it! Just checked in to the Holiday Inn near the airport. It's 1920 local time, and 0420 Dutch time. So I'm a bit confused (more than normally).

Not a bad trip, particularly the first longer part from Heathrow to Detroit. We passed through immigration in Detroit incidentally; which was fast, easy and polite! I know. Against all that we had heard - but really, took about ten minutes from queuing to us all being processed. And the officers doing it were extremely polite and pleasant; even offering us tourist destination advice!

The part from Detroit to Seattle took us by surprise though; 41/2 hours! On a bucket seat A320. Tiring and boring! Man, this is a big country.

Anyway. It's nearly 90F here (I dunno in answer to your question; about 35C??). Falling asleep. Talk to you treiwn[ov . ..