Back on radar

So... missed us?

I seem to be losing track of time/days/dates. I suppose that must be a good thing ?...

Forgot to say before that we met these guys at one of our cigarette stops:
John and the Unknown Rider. They are bikers going in the opposite direction. We had a bit of a laugh with them;

After the bluff campsite over the Pacific, we ended up at a nice campsite right on the beach at Rockaway Beach (3 correct answers ;) ). Shorewood, I think it was called. If you're ever passing by, pop in there. Not bad.

Anyhow.. at Shorewood we watched a helicopter rescue in the fog (and then the dark) of a motor cruiser just off the rocks. Quite fun (for us, probably not for those involved). We turned back on to the US101 on Wednesday morning, and hacked South to the Oregon Dunes area. Big, big sandpits.

We stayed the first of two nights in the area at Honeyman State Park. We had a site right amongst the trees, and a short walk to the dunes (here they were about 150foot high; in other areas they get up to 500 feet! Man, are they tiring to walk up). They sell firewood at the Park, so we made ourselves a campfire, and sat around trying to tell scarey stories. Beth, naturally, not even slightly scared. Damn.

The next night (must be Thursday) we made it to a super little site (another 'State Park', hence again no internet) next to Marie Lake, at the foot of more sand dunes just off Highway 101. We tried going for a walk across the dunes, but after nearly getting run over twenty times by ATVs, we gave up (actually, we were given a lift by one of the ATVers on his dune buggy/cart) and went back. Tried to rent some ATVs nearby, but they were sold out. (Quietly relieved; Lewis on a quadbike??).

That night we had another campfire amongst the trees. Even grilled our own bbq, and roasted marshmallows!! That was a disaster. Certainly not as easy as it sounds. We ended up (I say we, but mostly Lewis) with about twenty bubbling marshmallows in the fire, and only about two cooked properly and consumed. More practice required.

A view of the dunes area from the top of US-101 (700foot up, for perspective!).

We left the last State campground yesterday (Friday), and the state of Oregon, and reached the redwood forests in the North of California. We travelled around the back roads a bit, looking for more and bigger trees, before heading for this place - Hiouchi (??) RV Campsite.

Today? Who knows. Still waiting to actually be ready to leave (it's 1200 lunchtime!). Can't post much, especially not pictures, because the internet connection is bloody awful and it makes uploading frustrating. ....