Be Four Today

Be four today, before today? Get it? Oh never mind.

Hello my fellow virtual travellers.

I have to report a slight crisis in our planning:

Sarah has reminded me that we will be unable to play Halo on the Xbox for 7 weeks. I have contacted the emergency support line at both Bungie and Microsoft in an effort to discover what options there are for gamer-centres in the Boondocks of USA. So far the response has been somewhat muted. And I mean that literally. Nothing. Whatsoever. Just silence.

Naturally we considered taking the equipment with us, but try as I might I cannot get the projector to fit in a soft bag. Sadly, we may have to entertain ourselves in the evenings by doing other stuff - campfires, staring at the mountains or ocean, perhaps even weirder stuff like talking to each other, heaven forbid.

So, the Xbox has to stay at home. But as a memento I will publish Sarah's medals from her overkill moment:

Of course, we can spend our down time blogging too! Which comes back to you, our faithful readers; it would be nice to keep the comments coming in. Especially from those back home, we're going to miss you :(

As far as communication is concerned you can reach us on the normal mac address, or by comments on this blog. Our mobiles will not work in the US, and quite frankly that will be a treat that we do not plan to correct by getting pay-as-you-go 'cells'.

I have also been asked to publish a picture that we (Sarah and I) can actually be recognised by. So here you are: