Mug shots and dog shots

So, some promised 'who are we' pictures. First, is Zep (Led Zeppelin). He is going on holiday, but of course he isn't actually coming with us!

I came back from work today and he'd already packed. He had heard that he was going to Theo's house, where they have another (girl) Jack Russell, two other dogs, a cat, four kittens and five horses. Fortunately they've not long said goodbye to a snake, a rat and a vicious Uli-hating cockatoo-thing ;)

Anyway. We had to disappoint him for a few days.

Talking of animals, I was reading today in Lonely Planet guide to USA about spiders, snakes, scorpions and bears. Apparently there are various anti-venoms available for the snakebites, but not for a bear bite. I was also told a story by a colleague at work today about a friend of his who went hiking through Utah (?) and was followed by a bear for 3 km. I'm told he walked through a stream for another 2 km until he was sure the bear had lost his scent (the guy was French).

I digress. The rest of the team;
Sarah: my beautiful wife-cum-teacher-cum-co-driver-cum navigator. Too much cum maybe but you get the idea. Naturally I exaggerate anyway. She is beautiful, she is a teacher and she is a co-driver, but she couldn't navigate her way out of a paper bag. On the other hand, I don't have to worry about her driving on the ' right' side of the road; generally she confuses left and right in any case.

The next one is a tricky one. Trying to get a photo of Beth is like trying to pronounce 'prison' in Dutch ('gevangenis') without covering yourself in phlegm. This is the best we could find post-6 years old, and has the added advantage of indicating Beth's communication skills.

Lewis is easier to get a photo of. Perhaps you'll understand that from the photo (believe me, this is one of the least embarrassing ones).

Then there's me of course. Nuff said.

And the team member who's decided to stay at home and 'chill' (roughly translated as party), Laura-jane:

That's it for the day. A quick thank you to Tom for giving us some directions and hints! Thank you.