The Streets of San Francisco: Series Two

Had a bit of a scare first thing in the morning Monday; I woke up and noticed that Sarah had two sunspots/moles under her eye. It must have been the sun that we had the day before?

I told her, and rubbed them a bit to make sure that they were moles. Certainly seemed to be. Sarah went to the bathroom, and of course was a little worried. As I tried to go on the internet to look up the sudden appearance of face-moles, Sarah went to examine them in the bathroom.

When she came back, she wouldn't look at me at first. Eventually she turned around and I noticed that they weren't there. Relieved, I asked her what happened? Looking very embarrassed she confessed that she went to bed with a packet of chocolate chip cookies, and must have been using one as a pillow to embed bits of chocolate in her face like that!!

So, Monday was more of looking around SF. We walked around quite alot, and saw most of the Downtown, Financial, North Beach, Chinatown areas. We didn't get as far as Golden Gate Park, which is a shame.

We did go on an open top bus tour though. Followed by more curry at another restaurant (huge piles of food, and extremely cheap and delicious). The day looked a bit like this:

And a little bit like this...