The Streets of San Francisco

This is the Candlestick RV Park (I'll let you make up rhyming slang for this rip-off place). By the way, that is not us parked in a car park - that is our place for three nights ;)

Sunday was a day looking around San Francisco - or not:

In fact Sarah went to the SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), to see the Georgia O'Keefe exhibition. She enjoyed it very much. Meanwhile I had to endure 2.5 hours of Harry Hotter - the 23rd film in the series. I really enjoyed it. No-o-o-t. But Beth and Lewis did!

This is our views of the city.

Anyway. In the evening we found ourselves a restaurant in downtown SF:

Not bad food. A bit poncy (and mild!), but a nice restaurant nevertheless.

Went back to the Park late in the evening on the Park's shuttle bus (where we are charged 12$ each !), and spent the rest of the evening chasing around after skunks and raccoons that apparently make the Park home too. The first time we saw the raccoon, from behind in the dark, it looked like a small bear. We went to the security station (a small hut by the entrance) to tell them - the female security guard was (probably) Russian, and didn't speak particularly well English (;)), so the conversation went like this (I wish you could hear the accent/tone of voice too!)

"Hi. There seems to be some strange animal out there. What is it?"

"Allo. It pwobably 'coon."

"A raccoon?"

"Yah. 'coon."

"Are they dangerous?"

"I no know. I fink so."

"Oh, can we come in the hut with you?"

"No. No 'llowed."

"It's not allowed?"

"No. Me no like animal."

"But you can just shoot it!" (Says Lewis)

"No, me frighten too. Me no got gun. Me no got gun." (Looking very sad).