Sunday Bloody Sunday

Well, what a busy day! Non-stop action here today.

Woke at about 8am, had a cup of tea (of course) and checked the news. Went and got dressed at about 10am, and packed my clothes into a rucksack. That took at least 5 minutes.

Then did some weeding in the drive and moved the rubbish around to make room for Sarah's car that we're leaving behind (i.e. locked in behind the gates.... shh.. don't tell anyone). Not that the weeding had any great impact, mind you. But Sarah was going out to meet her friend, and I knew what she would ask when she came back.

"Hi Robin, are you alright?"

"Sure. A bit tired; I've packed all my stuff and have weeded the drive!"

"Oh! Thank you. You are so sweet."

Don't I know it. In the meantime I could settle down in front of the screen and watch the first Ashes Test, and then the Formula 1 at the Nurburgurgurg ring (spelt something like that).

But all that I can say is: Karma. What is worse than watching Australia beat the living daylights out of England at cricket? Easy; Watching an Australian win the German Grand Prix at the same time. Karma.

Oh well.

Rosie is prepared and ready to go too. For those who are wondering; this is Rosie:

My beloved 27+ year old Land Rover during last year's holiday in sunny southwest of England. (Thank you to her previous owner who rebuilt her).

We're returning to England in Rosie on Tuesday, so that we can take all the bags and team (semi-) comfortably. Then Rosie is going for a service, MOT and a well earned holiday on Sarah's parents' drive.

Other than that, I apparently initiated a debate today with Marcel as to whether my statement concerning the redundancy of the extra baggage rules was correct. Marcel was quick to point out that the rule said 'approximately' (see his comment), so both rules were needed. Of course he's absolutely right, but I think I managed to get away with it by speaking fluent BS in a return comment. Don't tell him though.

Otherwise I went for a run and managed to half kill myself running up the local hill. I looked like a pregnant beetroot my the time I came back. Are you sure this is good for me Jen? ;)

Zep is apparently doing ok at Theo's. Still rather 'excited' by the presence of girl dogs apparently - I hope that dies down (please excuse the unfortunate image) within a few days.

Oops-- being paged. Gotta go.