Again, a few days since we've had anything that remotely passes for an internet connection. But we can catch up now;

Saturday, we left the upper Redwoods, and decided to make a run for San Francisco. A long drive!

We passed through Humboldt Park, which has some trees. Quite big ones!

Sarah drove some, and managed to get her shift as we approached the city - in the dark, in the fog, on a six+ lane freeway with roadworks and very narrow lanes, being overtaken on both sides (when we weren't narrowly avoiding the concrete walls of the roadwork areas) by multi-trailered trucks. Fun.

We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge in the dark, and still in the fog. So we have some excellent pictures of it:

Maybe my hands were shaking slightly too.

Anyhow, much relieved, we finally negotiated the Streets of San Francisco. Once the silly cow on the GPS directed us up a small road which went uphill at about 40deg. We would certainly have grounded at the back if we had attempted it. Fortunately we all yelled 'noooooo' at the same time, and diverted around. Silly cow caught up with a revised route of course; I'm sure there was a laugh in her voice the next time she spoke.

At about 10pm we reached Candlestick Park RV site - just a few miles from the centre, and next door to the 49ers stadium. The place made the record for price - 84 dollars per night! Run by the local Chinese, who were a friendly bunch.

Of course, as you know, the internet barely worked. Very annoying.