Tuesday - off to Sacramento

We arranged to meet up with Tom in Sacramento for Tuesday... so we set off from San Francisco. Took a little while longer than planned; I am so fed up with the silly cow on the GPS that I don't believe her any more. As a consequence, we tend to go a bit wrong sometimes.....

Not much to say about the drive- easy and peaceful enough! Arrived in Old Sacramento and pitched up at a KOA site that Tom had found for us. Nice place- but HOT (although Tom promises this is cool (only 90 instead of 100 F).

We agreed to go out for dinner at a place that Tom knows; the Pheasant Club. Amusing story from there- gotta go now (meeting Tom for dinner again), but remind me to tell the story if I forget!

PS Keep forgetting to say - this van has two DVD players, a TV and a radio. NONE WORK!! (Shalini??)

PPS Gracie. Gracie honey. Stay off the road. Gracie honey, please. There's a big truck coming. Come on Gracie. Please (much more from Lewis on this....;) )

PPPS So, San Diego won the route vote! Thank you everyone. Need more help for tomorrow though! URGENT... please fill in the vote to help us!