What the hell am I talking about?

Seems I forgot to mention some details.... (thank you for pointing that out people! Not.)

Little things like:
We start in Seattle on 17th July. We finish in NYC on 3rd September.
That means about 48 days altogether on the road.

The plan initially? Well, you can't really plan these things (or shouldn't). But we intend to head South first from Seattle then hang out in Californ-I-A for a bit; aiming to get down to San Diego (we're considering loaning Lewis to the Zoo). Then we head east - somewhere!

We want to see:

The Pacific Ocean
Northern California coastline
The Mojave desert (especially Joshua Trees)
Yellowstone/Yosemite (don't know which one's which any more, but I guess they're close ...;)
A Shuttle Launch
Maybe Kings of Leon in concert
Art galleries
The Deep South
Supersize MacDonalds
Blueberry pancakes
Cowboys and Indians
Route 66 (get our kicks on some of it)
Koala bears
Clear skies