19th August

Would you believe it's the 19th August? Me neither. We have decided to extend our stay for a month, so should be back 5th October. Just have to convince work....

Okay. Not possible. Still, nearly 3 weeks left!

We left the middle of nowhere (?) for the Great Lakes area - did another all-nighter to drive to Sandusky, between Cleveland and Toledo in Ohio. Nice little harbour town, and entirely coincidentally rollercoaster capital of the world. Oh come on, don't be like that. You can't come to the USA and not go on the 'coasters somewhere, surely?

So, the night before last, that's exactly what Lewis and I did at Cedar Point Amusement Park. Sarah and Beth stayed in the RV in the car park ! Anyway, it rained very heavily when we arrived (about 2pm), so we went to the water park on the site (with Beth), which is a bit of a disappointment. We returned to the RV to dry off and get changed, and then the heavens opened once more. Nearly everyone else, it seems, decided to give up and go home!! Once the rain had stopped, they re-opened the rides, and we more or less had the place to ourselves. Having said that, for the best rides that still meant about 15/20 minutes queuing; but that is better than the busy time when it can be 1 hour!

Of course, going in the evening means... yes, you're right. It gets dark. Rollercoasters in the dark is SUCH fun. Oh my goodness, you should have seen and heard Lewis screaming. I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

To give him credit, he did manage to control himself as the evening wore on, but it was a bit of a struggle for him! Although, not entirely surprising. If you ever get the chance to come here (it is the rollercoaster capital of the world), make sure that you try Millenium Force and Maverick in the dark. MF climbs over 300feet, before dropping at 80deg and up to 150 km/h. Lewis just kept yelling 'Mama! Mama!' All you can see are the lights of the park far below!

Maverick just pips MF as our favourite ride; the start drops through 95 deg (i.e. greater than vertical). We sat on the front row for the last run of the night. It's other-worldly. Not a disappointment at all!!

Since then we have moved just 100 miles or so East; to Amish country, South of Cleveland Ohio. I think we plan to explore a little bit today; see what the Amish do for kicks. Apart from making furniture.

In any case, this campsite is lovely. The area could have been used for the Shire in LOTR, and the site has a very large pool, a fishing lake, pretty views etc etc

Still plan to move on to the coast soon. We want to spend a bit of time chilling on the beach if possible; especially now as all the American schools seem to have gone back, so should be relatively quiet.

We'll let you know; we can't afford to go wandering too much anyway, because we have nearly used up the mileage allowance (4100 miles compared to 4800 miles allowed!).

Let you know...

Thanks for all the comments; especially Steve for fighting your way through! Take care everyone
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