August 8th: Satur-Fe

We like this campsite! Sits on a hill looking towards the centre of Santa Fe and the mountains.

We had a lazy day for the most part; in the afternoon we went out to do some shopping and have dinner. We finally managed to find an IHOP (International House of Pancakes) so that we could fulfill our objective of eating blueberry pancake! It was OK, no better than that. Not helped by having to try to ignore a family in the booth next to us, who seemed to find our accents (or lack of them ;) ) highly amusing. Oh well. First negative experience of people in America. A better track record than anywhere else I've ever been!!

Obviously when we had finished eating, we headed outside for a smoke. We stood by the side of the RV, and Sarah decided to hang her handbag over the aerial (handbag contains passports, IDs, credit card etc etc). We finished our ciggies. And drove away.

Notice anything missing?

We drove off, and found a Borders bookstore and some other shops. As we went to get out, Sarah turned in total horror..

"Where's my handbag? Oh no. I left it on the outside...."

We all rushed to look out of the window (I thought for a moment that Sarah meant that she had left it on the bonnet or something). We couldn't see it. Running outside...; it was still there, happily swinging away!

Phew. That could have been awkward.

So, having recovered from that excitement, of course we over-reacted and spent a small fortune in Borders. Always great to get new books!

Beth spent the rest of the day trying to find out when her results were out, but nobody had a clear idea. We went to bed early, in preparation for an early start to drive up north into the mountains for our rafting/kayaking expedition.
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