Bethy's 17th Birthday


What a fun day! We spent a whole day on the river, in inflatable kayaks (Funyaks). Beth bottled it in the afternoon (the more serious rapids) and joined Sarah in the raft, but Lewis and I stuck it out 'going solo'.

Good fun. I'd like to do more next time though, with scarier water!! We didn't capsize (at least not accidentally), and had a lot of fun. The guys that took us were really terrific, and we had a good laugh with them.

When we got back, they joined us to share a bit of Bethy's chocolate cake and sing Happy Birthday:

They were Rob, Sean and The Driver (;), from Los Rios Riverunners (no commission received nor anticipated). They were excellent, really.

We arrived back in Santa Fe (it's about 90mins drive) rather tired! We had a 'family dinner' while Beth opened her cards etc, and then tried to stay up for Beth's results (Due approx 10am Dutch time which should mean 2am our time!) but eventually gave in and went to sleep. When we woke up, they still weren't there!!