Cape Cod

We just spent a couple of nights at a place on Cape Cod without internet; a place called Horton Camping Resort. If you feel like having a laugh google it, and see what people have said about the place. Essentially the owner is a lunatic, well known locally. Apparently his wife is divorcing him because he is an alcoholic, and he's a bit put out about having to sell his campsite, which has, we're told. been in his family for the last century. As a consequence, he does have a bit of an attitude problem ;)

Having said that - a lovely site ($3.5m if anyone is interested), which backs on to the coast. We walked over there the night before last (about 1/2 mile), and there is a lighthouse at the top of the cliffs. (I say cliffs; hardly Cornish, but a good 150feet up). Very pretty place.

Anyhow, we're now about 1 mile down the road at the North Truro campsite. Obviously we have internet, there's a shop, and the staff are friendly! There's even a path that winds it way down to a local beach. Again, not really as we may be used to from Cornwall, but a nice beach nonetheless.

Tomorrow we get up early to go whale watching. We met some guy in town today who is the owner and master of a 100 year old schooner that sails out of Provincetown. (No, we're not going whalewatching on that!). He told us that right now is the best time for whalewatching in living memory; we can expect to see multiple species of whale, very close.

So we decided to go tomorrow; there's another hurricane on its way to these parts, so the weekend may well not be an option.

We plan to stay here for the next 5 days, giving us a couple of days to get over to New York, sort the RV out, and then fly home from JFK. Flight leaves 2145 local, should get us back 9ish in Heathrow.

Don't know what the status is with Rosie yet, except that she has passed her MOT again. Hooray. Just getting some repairs to the oil/lube seals.

Hopefully have some photos sorted for tomorrow. Take care.