At the very nearly end, last, final, time

Dumped the rubbish. Cleaned all the cupboards, fridge, cooker, bathroom, cockpit, escape chamber, garage, missile launch command centre, ahh... the anesthetic and strangely narcotic pine aroma of cleaning solution is starting to get to me.

We've also booked a taxi from where we drop the RV off to JFK via Manhattan. I hope he turns up...

Need to be underway by 8am tomorrow to get there in time; meaning we may not have internet connection after tonight (it's nearly 4.30pm now).

So----- can I ask all of you to leave us a message for the return trip???

Flight due to leave JFK at 8.30pm tomorrow, due in Heathrow 9.25 am. I hope we can sleep on the flight....

Love from us all
Robin Hickson20092 Comments