Mammoth mistake

Diaz Lake is a beautiful place; that first night we sat outside, around our own campfire, inventing zombie apocalypse scenarios and ways to escape into the wilderness :). We even cooked marshmallows in the flames, while the Milky Way throbbed overhead! Sounds idyllic? It is.

So nice in fact that we stayed there. We swam in the lake in the morning, and read and sunbathed the rest of the day, even if it was a bit warm! Beth even managed to burn herself (again). In the afternoon we went into the town of Lone Pine, made famous as the place where they made lots of TV films and series (John Wayne films, High Chapparal, Bonanza etc). A one-strip town, but interesting anyway. We went to eat on the main strip at the ' Magic Roundabout'  restaurant; a Chinese!

We went back, sat around the campfire again and played games before planning our mission for today (Tuesday). Of course, the plan didn't turn out as planned :). We had clearly decided that we would go back around to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks on the other side of the mountains...  but ended up heading further North up the 395 to the hills around Mammoth Lakes. The RV struggled a bit on the hills as we passed thru 7000 feet, but we made it here in good time. We employed our newly acquired poop-pipe and emptied the tanks at last. They were starting to ferment basic forms of intelligent life. Lewis even managed to communicate with the less advanced of them.

The site now (the imaginatively named Mammoth Lakes RV Resort) is up in the snowline (I know... crazy isnt it?? Snow on the ground!), and costs a bloody fortune ($65- hence our mammoth mistake) but it'll do for tonight.

What to do next though? No real idea. Lassen Volcanic Park looks interesting, but it's a long way North. Otherwise we might head East into Nevada....