Casino notso Royale

June 1st-2nd

Who's winning?

An American Indian reservation with, surprise surprise, a casino. Not only that - an RV park out the back. So we stuffed a few hundred dollars in our pockets, and went gambling! How outrageous, eh?

To be honest we had some fun, but it really wasn't all that exciting. Lots of sad people losing lots of money. Probably completely unfair to say, but I can't help feeling a little bit of sympathy for the American Indians. They may have lost a few battles back in the 1870s and 80s, but they might now be winning the war...

Sarah managed to recoup most of the losses I suffered (!),  and we walked away just 30 dollars down. Not bad. And we slept in the car park for free. Result!

Early the next morning we refuelled and aimed for Santa Fe, but fresh from our experience of modern American Indian life, along the way we were tempted by a National Monument...

Kasha katuwe

I even persuaded Sarah to walk up the canyon to the viewing point. So glad we did - scrambling through slot canyons, over rocks and a steep cliff at the end. About 3 miles hot walking for these views:

Come on, it made me laugh...

View from the top

Sarah also made me promise to publish proof that she made it :) (albeit with very sore feet (pre-existing injury))!

She made it!

And so did I