Clench Buttock Road

June 9th, pm

By the time we arrived in Silverton, Sarah had renamed the Million Dollar Highway; it was now to be known as 'Clench Buttock Road'.

We have taken some video of the drive up, which we'll try and edit later into something useful without all the swear words and manic laughter.

[Edit: Here's a taster; bear in mind that Sarah refused to video on the really steep parts, or those sections with a serious drop-off -- she was too busy holding on to her seat, and she ouldn't let me drive and take photographs at the same time. Spoilsport.


We'll see where we get with that, in the meantime, let these give a flavour of the beauty of the route, before arriving in Silverton - at 9,318 feet.

Beautiful! I can't.....breath....... ahhh...