Life's a Breeze

23rd - 28th June

Gosh, life's hard. 85F air temperature. 75F sea temperature. Blue skies, cooling wind.

We've been here a few days now (says a lot about how chilled we are -can't even remember when we arrived, or how long we've been here!), and it's just perfect!

It's 50 flat yards to the beautiful beach at Surfside, where we spend our days sitting under a canopy for shade, still getting Wifi from the RV site, and contemplate the universe - occasionally taking a dip to cool off from all that tough contemplation. Almost empty beach, too!

On the day that we arrived, we checked in with a young guy. Very friendly - he helped us settle in, and we had an early night. The next morning we went out to the beach to have a look in the daytime - beautiful! As we walked back into the RV Park, we even found two hammocks. As I went to try one out, a voice said,

"Who are you?"

Being my usual self, this wasn't the best way to get a sensible response from me.

"Where are you staying, why are you here?" He asked again.

"On the site..."

"What room? What's your name?"

"Jodrell Bank"


"Hickson,"said Sarah, "We're on the RV park."

I think by this stage he was realising that he might have been a bit aggressive...

"Oh, well, welcome. I'm the owner," we shook hands, "which pitch are you on?" He wasn't satisfied yet!

Anyway, first impressions aside, Troy and his son who own and run the site are actually friendly, and extremely helpful. I suppose I can't blame them for being suspicious of unknown people enjoying their hammock! Troy sails his Hobie cat straight off the beach, and they both live in houses on the site. There's no BS from Troy - he's straight, if you're straight! I kinda liked him in the end.

Regardless, a truly lovely place to stay. I am absolutely certain that if we ever revisit the area, we would want to come and spend more time here. So relaxing! The sea is great for swimming too; warm, small waves, shallow shelf. Great.

Nearly every evening we unshackled the bikes and went 3 miles+ into town to go to Sharkies, a bar with pool tables that we found! Good fun. Then home to the RV to watch a couple of episodes of Falling Skies :)

Easy life. But now we've got to leave....

The Neighbourhood