Mustang Sally now baby

19th - 20th - 21st -22nd June

Mustang State Park is on the sandbar which fronts the Texan Gulf Coast. It runs for perhaps 200 miles with few breaks. Padre Island is the best known part of the beach island.

Our little part of the beach for the night was okay - expensive for State park prices (30$), but it was right on the edge of the beach proper! Although it was late already, we unhitched the bikes and went for a cycle along the beach and dunes. Quite a strange coast! A bit like North Sea/English Channel coast, e.g. Belgian or Dutch part. Nice enough, but little surf - I create bigger waves when I break wind in the bath. It has that 'I'm called a sea but I'm really a big lake' kind of feeling. Still not a patch on Devon and Cornwall coasts....! (Although the temperature here was 80F+ at night )

The next morning we shuffled down the sandbar a little (not a euphemism), to an RV site that was exactly what it said on the tin. "On the Beach RV", in Port Aransas. A pretty little site with some views to the sea and dunes. Again, and perhaps we're spoilt here, a few lapping waves and the odd seagull squawk is not our idea of an ocean site, but beggars can't be choosers.

We stayed three nights at "On the Beach", enduring the 70% humidity, and the sporadic internet. I managed to update the blog a bit, but it was fairly frustrating! So what did we do?

Well, we went out for dinner (okayish) a couple of times, we went out on the bikes along the beach at night (which was fun). On one occasion we went so far we interrupted the 'younger folks' camping out - they didn't see us coming cos we had no lights on the bikes, but they were very interested to meet us anyway!

Otherwise we rested away from the 98F temperatures. To completely honest, the place wasn't really us. It was swollen with other tourists, and seemed to cater only to the pub and beach market (I, perhaps unfairly, described it as a hoi polloi Mecca (I know, I'm arrogant and judgemental. Tell me about it.)).

We set ourselves some new photography objectives, and were busy with those for two of the evenings. The Friday night, 21st, was the Summer Solstice moon - the 'Strawberry Moon', and that of the 22nd, the 'Supermoon', where the moon is at perigee as well as full. We even bought ourselves some new hats to hide our 'big hair'. Damn this humidity.

Strawberry Dance

On the last night we drove out to Malaquite Park on the Padre Island National Seashore, to make the most of the moon....

Will you? Will you come with me on some crazy road-trip?