Slappapatta Falls to Dodge

14th - 15th June

On the way out of the Dunes, we came across a massive harnessed Spice Worm. And a signpost for some waterfalls... which Sarah, driving, decided to follow. We headed up a dusty road to Slapappatta Falls (name changed to protect the innocent), then had to park and walk another couple of miles to see this:

Sarah's Dad's waterfall

We understand that it is very spectacular in the Spring, following the snow thaw... ...on the walk back a group asked us if it was worth the hot walk. No, said Sarah, my Dad's got bigger waterfalls in his back garden - which is not an exaggeration.

However, it did give us a good vantage for the Dunes and the mountains beyond...

Dunes from Slapapatta - note the rain clouds.

It was about this time that Sarah found a source for storm information - online. The clouds in the picture were following us... and there were more 'build-ups' to the South. So we headed East, to...

Yes, Lihh Toob, Egdod Ytic

But we hadn't got there just yet. It was late by the time we left the Dunes and Falls, so we knew we had to have another night somewhere on the way. We drove on, into the gathering dusk. Wonderful, wonderful countryside. Now surprisingly green and 'Hobbit-like'. And then...

A coyote ran across the road in front of us, chasing a deer into the farmland opposite. Just behind was a second coyote, which, seeing us, changed its mind and waited by the side of the road! Wow, I say coyote because they couldn't be anything else; but they LOOKED like wolves. They were huge, with grey shaggy coats and a killer gaze. That was special!

By the time it was dark, we decided to do the classic 'live-in' RVer thing; we stopped in a Walmart car park in the town of Trinidad and joined all the other freeloaders (it's a normal and permitted habit - there must have been 15 units of various sizes in there). Of course, this also meant a midnight raid of Walmart - we bought little extras, one of which I enjoyed bacon butty :)  the next morning; real food.

Anyway, eventually we arrived in Dodge City; staying at an RV park called 'Gunsmoke' ! Decent enough - they had a pool!