The Six Million Dollar City

Perhaps because we HAD to go to Austin to get new tyres, or perhaps just because the route really was rather boring - at any rate, we were fairly bored by the time we reached Discount Tires in Austin, the capital (capitol - translation for our American readers :). After 4 hours of sitting waiting for them to take evidential pictures, send them to Camping World, get approval, waiting further for them to swap payment details, then finally to do the tyre change - well, lets just say we were hot, tired and bored. We had the generator running while we waited in the car park to keep the airco going, but it was still over 100F ! Nobody bothered to tell us what was happening...


These are the replaced tyres (three of the four on the rear) -

Glad we went up the Million Dollar Highway on these. Not.

As you can see by the photo, the wear is bad on the tread, but the tyre walls were even worse. The guys at the garage couldn't believe these were the original tyres; these are rated to 70,000 miles, and the vehicle only has 45,000 on the clock.

What happened here?

Anyway, at least Camping World agreed that the tyres were unroadworthy - so changed more than just the punctured tyre. Nevertheless, we can't help a certain feeling when we look back at where we had been driving just a few days earlier. One puncture on the rear could so easily have produced another; with 3 badly worn, the outcome could have been very serious. We will see what Camping World say when we return. Safe to say for now, that we are not happy with the risk applied in our case.

A total waste of a day at any rate, and we had by this time no chance to move on, so we stayed the night at Oak Forest RV on the outskirts of Austin. We didn't want to go far until we had checked the wheels again anyway. It was nice enough; but we just slept and got ready for the next day, leaving late.

Where to?....

Corpus Christi Mustang State Park