What's that smell?

June 6th pm to June 9th am

Pagosa Springs had a singularly unique advantage for us - the sulphurous hot waters smell similar to, but worse than, our camper; offering the perfect disguise for the malfunctioning 'functions' in the black tank. Fortunately our neigbours didn't complain - in fact, on the last day of three that we stayed in Pagosa Springs we met and spent time chatting with Mickey and Brenda next door. Lovely people. Amongst the nicest people we've met so far - I hope they stay in touch.

Pagosa Springs is a cute little town, where (according to another good guy that we met in the 25 yard spring-fed pool (Greg)), nobody locks their front door, and people leave their car keys on the sun visor! It truly was a charming small town. We had some good food, and even found somewhere to play pool!

Playing pool. Or something.

Not much else to say about our time in Pagosa Springs. We just enjoyed each other's company, and chilled out!