Christmas and Boxing Day

Do you know what happened on these two days?

Next to nothing. How absolutely perfect.

I must have slept for 18 hours out of the last 24; apparently I needed that. In the intervening few hours we opened our presents (thank you everyone), read a bit, and met the neighbours - our Floribécois friends are Robert, Diane and Simon. They gave us some good tips for down the road which we'll check out when we can. Florida sounds very busy! Might try to avoid the busiest parts….

Not a lot of photos, just the below from our walk this afternoon. I wanted to play with my Christmas present from Sarah - a large flash for the Canon. Yes, thank you - I realise I've got a good deal to learn yet!

On the way, we met the charming Christopher at the local boutique/surf shop, who even invited us to the home that he shares with wife Claudia (from Munich), for a meal! We might well take him up on that - though tonight we have a date out on our own for Christmas Dinner.

Love to you wherever you are, near or far: Tom in California, our folks back in Blighty, our dear Sprogs in Edinburgh, and friends in Holland and Denmark.