Citizen Lame

So we left this evening, with a lift to the station (thanks NF). Easy ride to Amsterdam airport, then two minute walk, dragging 60kg of baggage, to the Citizen M hotel.

We booked this hotel last time too. Makes the morning a little calmer than it might otherwise be!

Sadly a slight error on my part seemingly booked the Citizen M in Amsterdam City, rather than at Schiphol. Hence no reservation!

Can we simply transfer our reservation? No.

Can we pay the difference in price (20 euros?) No.

Can we book another room, this time at the right hotel for 100 euros ? Yes you can.

I know it was my fault - finger trouble on the website - but surely an opportunity for Citizen M to make a customer happy? No. Apparently not. Oh well. Let's just hope I booked the right flight.

Good night.