Glamping RV

We've had a number of questions about the RV we plan to hire this time... is it the same as before? Are we going soft?

Err, no, yes.

It's true, this time we're going posh. Not 'Luton posh' (i.e. an extra large bag of chips), but really posh...

(Here's a tip - play the video with the sound off. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Didn't turn the sound off? Then I dare you to watch and listen to it again. Go on. I'm pretty sure you could sleep for twelve hours straight afterwards, and still wake up with that stupid bloody riff going through your head. make it stoppp pppp

Cool ha? Wow. Except the observant amongst you will have noticed some inconsistencies or rather contradictions between the images and the video. Answers on a postcard....

Just about packed now. A few hours work in the morning tomorrow, then heading for Amsterdam on the train.  We leave for Newark on Wednesday morning, flying with my United friends!


PS. I rounded off the last adventure too, with the image in

this post

(and it in turn contains a on the photo.)