Socks to Crocs, or Refrigerators to Alligators 2013-2014

Did you know, that there are both alligators as well as crocodiles in Florida? So when searching for a hilariously rhyming or cleverly alliterative title for a new chapter in our exploration of the USA via the two-lane blacktops - this time from the snows of New York City to the swamps of southern Florida - I thought about sock and croc.... frankly if for no other reason than because I thought it would be impossible to find a word that rhymed with alligator. But then; eureka! I thought about refrigerator, and I had a story about the cold (i.e. we begin in NYC in mid December), and hence the connection with socks (for warmth, right?).... hang on.

"Refrigerator to Alligator", right? That's it!! Genius! (Almost).

We leave for Amsterdam on 17th December, arriving NYC 18th. The return (let's not talk about that yet), from Orlando some time in January. Ages away yet. Forget about it. Meanwhile must practice New York accent. Forget about it... forgetttt 'boueet.... (cue Johnny Depp, or rather Donnie Brasco)...

....Welcome back!