Oh, Ashley!

New Year's Eve Day came and went. We hid :)

A beautiful, quiet day, reading and other such unheard of irrelevancies. So good, we might do it again!

The following day, January 1st, we set out, determined to track down some Gone With the Wind type plantations. At the very least, some alligators. There was one place that seemed to satisfy both demands; Magnolia Plantation, on the Ashley River. Quite pricey; nearly 50$ for the two us to get into the grounds and to walk around the Aubudon Swamp. Was it worth it?

Well, it looked a lot like this;

Which is okay. Not amazingly exciting. The gardens wouldn't get too many horticulturalists all green-fingered at this time of year either (what?). And being unwilling to pay another 16$ to get a tour of the cottage (sorry, grand house), we are unable to comment on that. 

Though I did manage to get this rare picture; which, unless I'm mistaken, is a bird between a cock and an ass. 

[What Mum? What's wrong, what do you mean? I'm serious.]

Perhaps we were just there too long; much, much longer than we thought. Tricked like the unwary in Fairie forests, losing years where we believed only minutes had passed?


Okay. We were a bit bored, it's true. But we had a laugh. We did get some semi-sensible pictures though (see next post) but we still haven't seen any alligators. Happily.

We turned the wheels south. And everything else followed.