Savannah's Beach

We've had a few internet issues, despite our Mifi doobie, so - apologies - we are a bit behind.

So let's catch up….

...spent an extra day on Tybee Island (which is pronounced, by the way, as Tie Bee), then some time in Savannah proper. Not enough though, to be sure - but it is cold, so we were eager to move south.

Tybee Island is okay. The campsite is pretty, for sure.

The rest of the island…mmhh. I think, as I've said before, we were spoilt by beautiful beaches growing up. Before moving on, let's turn that statement into a rare advertisement for the British Isles; still the best beaches and coastline that we have found anywhere (with some competition from Oregon and North California).

Travel tip :) for Tom. Visit Jenny and Steve and see the beaches there in The Hebrides. Wow.

Advert over!

On Friday we had a fairly average lunch at a very average restaurant on the seafront at Tybee Island Pier, then went for a walk;

The storm-staff really got my attention. You don't want to be anywhere near that beach in any category of hurricane. Bad news. A Cat 5 is simply impossible to imagine.

As you can see from the hats and gloves, it was really rather cold. The sunny weather is a welcome change from the rain of the last few days, but it hasn't done much for the temperature. You all likely know that the US is in the grip of an 'arctic vortex', which besides entombing northern states in ice, also means that the fingers of freezing air are probing south. Charleston is expecting -15degC on Tuesday night, where the winter average is normally barely freezing. Ouch.

Savannah is due to fare better, but still pretty cold. Perhaps we will regret it, but we only spent half a day in Savannah so that we could escape south. This is a taste of what we saw, Downtown.

What we really didn't capture here is the ambience. The French-shuttered pied-à-terre sat next door to a Georgian gentleman's villa. Must be amazing on a warm summer's evening… we'll just have to return.

As it was, we hit the road from Savannah heading south to Florida.