All the leaves are brown ...

The title of this post is not meant to tempt the dreaded brown fate; those that have followed our exploits so far will know exactly where I'm going. (Didn't mean to talk about 'going' either.) I'm very much hoping that this trip I won't need to get into that... neither physically nor figuratively.

Let's just continue ... and the sky is grey ...

I'm not about to quote the entire lyric sheet for the

The Mamas & the Papas

, but it's fair to say that we have been

California Dreamin'

for the last 3 months. By the way, for the first time and likely not the last, I have to excuse myself to my North American friends; I couldn't bring myself to write 'gray' in the quote above, so it stays 'grey'. Sorry.

This is the next (the 5th) instalment in our

Road Trip USA adventures

, and sadly the last with Moturis/Camping World (more on that later).

We leave in 8 days - flying in to SFO, and return 6 weeks later (2015, would you believe?!).

We would welcome your company on the road; so please leave us your comments or just follow us, as we trundle down the backroads of Californ-I-A and beyond.

Here's where we left you last time: special thanks to Steve A and Outofnowhere for the original soundtrack.