Q11 Day

Do you know how irritating it is, when someone puts their seat back in the reclined position, and it stays that way for eleven hours? Even if they then have to lean forward to reach their tray to eat, or read? (I think she was studying Jack and Jill: Early Learning Book 1a) 

So glad we overpaid for the extra legroom option. Anyway... do you know how irritating that is?

You don't ? I do.

On top of that, today was Q11 day. We queued obediently in 11 separate queues! And....  ultimately arrived in San Francisco.


Took 1+1/2 hours to get our baggage and airport shuttle (more queues), but hey (I'll stop whinging now); we're here at the hotel, ensconced in the hotel bar, enduring Christmas music and enjoying some hot food (oh yeah, KLM, you might try that. Just a crazy idea).

Right - stop whinging - I will. Very soon.

Tired and hungry (thanks to KLM for the diet assistance too). Fun starts tomorrow after a good night's sleep.

Robin Hickson2 Comments