San Fran (Guest blog)


Hi there, friends!

A bit of a surprise today - Robin was such a miserable bastard yesterday that he was 'given some time' to think things over,  and so they asked me to give this blogging stuff a bash instead. So here we are. Let me tell you about myself...


...  All right. Yes. I get it. Boring. I know. Let me just show you around instead. Robin can fill you in on the story when he's allowed back. I'll start with one I took of Alcatraz with my Gull-pro ass-cam:

Alcatraz - bird's ass view

SFO skyline

Fisherman's Wharf busker

Well, hopefully I'll be invited to blog more soon. I've got a bag of chips to tackle right now though. If I don't fight for it, I'll just get what's left after everyone's shat in it.

Until next time.