Salton Sea to Palm Springs

We often woke up at the Salton Sea, planning to leave, but then couldn't think of a single damn reason to do so.

Although there was one brief excursion; Sarah's tooth erupted on New Year's Eve (although, to be honest, we thought it was already New Year's Day), so we set out to find an emergency dentist. An hour away we found somewhere that would make an emergency operation for $1300, or prescribe antibiotics and painkillers for $13. Guess which option we took? (Plus gargling salt, just to balance out the karma).

Eventually, (running out of food, gas, internet and water), we took off again north, up Box Canyon Road (so named because…  yawn);

and on, finally, finally, into the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.

But we struggled to find anywhere decent to park...

Once inside the park, we intrepid explorers went for a hike; discovering an old gold mine along the way. More about that soon. Maybe.

For now, suffice to say we've moved on just a few miles down the road, to Palm Springs.

Borrowing from the late, great, Robin Williams…

"And the weather today?… ….it's hot and it's sunny."