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Welcome to the adventures of a couple of vagabonds. In 2009 we decided that we'd give the USA a turn in the holiday rota, skipping Essex, Malaga or the Alentejo. We decided to get off the beaten track, driving an RV from Seattle to New York.

We've barely been anywhere else since. Altogether, we've visited about 40 states (we lost track in Kansas - it happens there), in a total of six months camping.

Almost without exception, everyone we have come across on our travels has been wonderfully welcoming. We have discovered that for all its beauty, this openness is the true spirit of the United States.

Here's some highlights:

Since 2009, we've been back in 2011, summer 2013 and Christmas 2013, and now

Californ-I-A 2015


We've done our best to make up for lost time, but there's so much more to see ...

If you would like to read our previous road-trip blogs, use the tabs in the nav bar at the top of this page, or the links below:

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Californ-I-A 2015

Most important of all,

we want to hear from you!

See you on the road,

Robin and Sarah

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