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The Last Few Days

We've had a few domestic issues (!) to take care of since our return, so apologies for not completing the story properly. Although, as for Bilbo's wanderings in the Lord of the Rings, there's never truly an End.

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Just Why?

Dear family, friends, readers and other random patrons,

A bonus photo competition, courtesy of Tybee Island, Georgia - necessary since the last competition was scrubbed due to too few of you understanding the rules. i.e. some of you, in fact most, voted for Sarah's. 

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Charles Town

We stayed at a KOA (I know) in Charleston. It was okayish. And full. Everyone was enjoying the relatively good weather, we're told. Anyway, it was late when we arrived and we were just happy to have found the last place on the campsite!

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Cape Fear

The Cape Fear river is at the heart of this area, and the capital which sits upon it is the city of Wilmington; described as being similar to Charleston and Savannah without taking itself as seriously as either of those venerable locations.

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Paying Charon

After our $25 night spent at the imaginatively named Seaside Campground (for zero facilities - but it was by the seaside), we got going relatively quickly to make the earliest ferry. Paying Charon was not exactly cheap; 

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