Third Leg

After another good nights sleep, Zeppie too, although very windy and wet. Robin: I assume you mean the weather rather than Zep's sleep? We had breakfast....toast and marmalade and Robin with his uckky porridge. 

The morning was quite bright and we packed up and started our drive towards Inverness to be reached Sunday morning before Mum, me, get my train.

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The Wall

Photos are of the churchyard at Hindley/Broomley villages up above Stocksfield; Zeppie desecrating the area [Robin: to be fair, he thought you said desiccated]; Auntie Hilda's tomb stone; also one pertaining to be my grandparents (Dickinson), wrong christian names but dates virtually correct. Lastly myself (Nana) outside my grandparents' house, called Mindrum.....Mount View Terrace, Stocksfield. Do not know why the house is named thus.

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No gorillas nor hippos

Thirty years ago mother and son went on holiday together. Rwanda, Uganda... and some other 'das. An incredible three week trip in a Bedford Overland truck, including sightings of mountain silverback gorillas, lions, elephants, baboons, chimps, hippos, chickens etc.

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