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Anyway... on with Mum's blog.

29th October

After another good nights sleep, Zeppie too, although very windy and wet. Robin: I assume you mean the weather rather than Zep's sleep? We had breakfast....toast and marmalade and Robin with his uckky porridge.

The morning was quite bright and we packed up and started our drive towards Inverness to be reached Sunday morning before Mum, me, get my train.

We drove over mountains and into glens en route for Fort William. Crossed on a small continuous ferry to the other side of Loch Linnhe.

Such an exciting drive for about 30 miles on the opposite side of the loch from  Fort William. I had expected another ferry at the top of the loch but no....we were at the top and drove back down the other side to Fort William and  went up into the town. Found a wc and then wandered around some Tweed and the Mountain clothing stuff shops.. Still looking for a Harris tweed duffle luck.....well yes, but Irish tweed!? Then we went to Morrisons (no comment not impressed). I dont think they liked my helpful comments as to safety in the store and how difficult it was to find the exit. I wonder why? 

Robin: I've really no idea, mother. Just one of life's mysteries.

Off we went to continue our journey. After about half an hour we stopped for tea and sandwiches in the van.  Sorting through my haversack I could not my iPhone. We searched hard but I did not have it. Robin tried to ring it...seemed to be switched off. We both feared the worst and on reflection I realised it must have dropped out of my back pocket in the loo. Hmmmm.......

Suddenly Robin's phone rang and a lady informed him she had found it and she worked for a solicitor in Fort William. Great relief.....back we turned, got back to the car park and I retraced our steps and although the lady concerned had left the office, the two people there were so kind. Whew...was I a lucky person? As Robin said, "back pocket not the best of ideas"......Never, ever again in my back pocket.!!  I applaud Robin for his good temper and sweetness to me....'cause I really was worried! Son's attitude a great improvement to a husband's.  Sarah must have trained him don't hit me!!!

Robin: It's not training, it's just what happens when you get ground down into submission.

Robin's phone GPS did seem determined to show us the countryside on the route direction to a caravan club site with wi fi and all mod cons. We went up and down dale on a very narrow  'passing places' road until we came to this site, crossed a metal army type bridge and into the site. 

Robin: This is what the drive looks like... kinda.... in the Orange Beast.

The Loch Ness Shores campsite is very nice with an aluminium 'cake roll shaped' Canadian Airstream trailer which served breakfasts and very nice evening food. The main office  is very welcoming and Zeppie  was allowed in while we ate our meal which had been cooked in the Airstream. Very nice. I had a bottle of red wine which I eventually shared with two ladies, mother and daughter from Tasmania. We just chattered/ not me.....I  don't chatter......  We persuaded them to change their direction of travel to Isle of Lewis instead of the Orkneys. Robin waxed lyrical over the  wonders of the island and we told them Jenny would be pleased to see them if she were around.  Oops Jen xxxx They are very nice. Another round of scrabble.

30th Sat.

Cloudy and damp first thing. We seem to both wake up each morning at 7am which is good. This morning I had breakfast-toast in bed, wow!! Showers were lovely, and we then decided to go for a hike up to Foyers Falls. We walked through lovely pine trees with Zeppie scampering around. It was partly paths and steps... which I found the hardest but enjoyed so much. Our two Tasmanian friends had seen 4 red squirrels here but we didn't see one. We saw part of the falls from a distance as we continued our climb upwards.

Something to wrap your head around.

Something to wrap your head around.

Eventually we came to a restaurant and Robin had a cheese and haggis baked potato. He said it was nice.....didn't believe him. Robin: Granted, it looked like a roadkill toad, but it tasted all right. I had the largest scone with butter, jam and cream and a pot of tea. We walked back down little hidden paths until back to the site. The sun is now shining and Loch Ness is beautiful.

I now sit here finalising my story blog for Robin to edit. Oh, a mother pheasant and 3 chicks have just walked by. So sweet. (Squirrel!)

General info:

We have played scrabble about 5 times and I have lost.......times (5).

Robin: Mum won the last game! Damn. A serious kicking.

Good games though, which get better with wine.

Oh so sad. Must go and throw dirty clothes into my bag and be sorted for tomorrow. Maybe one more little walk.....

And that was it! Our adventure was over. But it couldn't have been better. Next time, Ma.

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