Family creativity

On our way back from the 'writer's and artist's retreat' in Cornwall today, after a month of perfect peace. [Sarah Jane][0] completed several new pieces of art and made a few photos too (just for fun).

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All good intentions but no writing today! Sarah was complimentary about my new website yesterday and I had promised some time ago to refresh her site, and surely I could do it while I had a cup of tea and a bit of breakfast? It couldn't take more than a few minutes...

Started at 0630 and finished (without completing) at 1900. Having said that, I think it's looking and functioning okay. It's here -

Anybody else want theirs updated?  

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Writing process

I spent most of the day cleaning up a few odds and ends on the website, and catching up on my submission rejections :)

I've got a few pieces out there that are still in the running - so I remain hopeful. But my attention tomorrow must return to writing again. I've made a few notes and a plot draft for a new cli-fi, and there are any number of short story submission deadlines approaching. The cli-fi is already getting me excited, so if that survives the initial phase of energy followed by cynical self-criticism, maybe I'll be sharing my progress on these pages in a few days or weeks.

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Finishing up website

Pretty much finished the major parts of my new website today. Gotta say, I'm pretty happy with it so far. For a while the top navigation was getting a little busy, but I got around it by dropping extraneous stuff in the footer nav.

Squarespace is a damn good website builder, that's a clear conclusion.

New website

One of the creative tasks on our list during this stay in Cornwall was updating our websites. Yesterday I got started on my own site, combining content from diverse locations, and attempting to create a 'hub' for my work and contact information...

Time out in Cornwall

We've been lucky enough to spend the last three weeks at the end of the world: near Zennor, Cornwall. Sarah Jane and I rented a beautiful old cottage overlooking the Atlantic, and got stuck into some creative work. What a view: inspiring, but also distracting!

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