Family creativity

On our way back from the 'writer's and artist's retreat' in Cornwall today, after a month of perfect peace. Sarah Jane completed several new pieces of art and made a few photos too (just for fun).

A long drive back punctuated by a stopover in Hastings with other members of the clan - and they're busy with their latest project:

We arrived in time for the filming, which is due to be followed by many hours of editing. Deadline is Monday morning! The script looks amazing, so let's see how the short film works out. They have set the bar quite high after their last effort won the Trash Cannes FIlm Festival in 2015, with 'Welcome to Wonderland'.

Meanwhile I did manage to start some fresh writing. Such a relief to get going on something new, especially when I'm able to throw myself into it 100% without worrying about how it reads or what the hell it's about. I have that little itch again where I can't wait to find a moment to get back into my new world. Escapism? You betja.

Robin HicksonComment