Finishing up website

Pretty much finished the major parts of my new website today. Gotta say, I'm pretty happy with it so far. For a while the top navigation was getting a little busy, but I got around it by dropping extraneous stuff in the footer nav.

Squarespace is a damn good website builder, that's a clear conclusion.

I've been using Squarespace on and off for a few years, and meanwhile I've been checking out the competition. One web builder idea that caught my eye last year was The Grid. I shelled out (somewhat speculatively) for a subscription to the beta. The company is a start-up, claiming that they are creating the first ever AI-designed websites. An intriguing idea for sci-fi lovers like myself - way too intriguing to ignore!

I've been signed up as a beta tester for for some time now; and after two years of setting up their system, they are now rolling it out. 35,000 ish involved in the beta to date. And, to be fair, a number of fairly decent websites. Although it also has to be said; they all look a bit samey!

I'll find out for myself over the next few months, although it would have to be bloody amazing to peel me away from Squarespace.

Tomorrow I'll get back to doing some writing. I feel the itch (not that one, Sarah). Although I might, I just MIGHT, create a Vagabonds Cinema section on What do you think?

Any answers welcome... or at least tolerated.